MERIAL: Helping you feed the world!

Helping you to improve production performance & productivity and lower live production costs.
Helping you to keep poultry healthy with outstanding vaccines and vaccination equipment and services.

The third edition of the Global MERIAL Avian FORUM consisted in 3 dense interesting days; covering a vast array of topics, ranging from:

  • Immunology
  • mechanism of action of vaccines
  • Major disease updates and MERIAL solutions
  • Exhibition of MERIAL Vaccination Technology offer
  • Launch of the ‘Ovo-Jector’ vaccinator
  • Workshop Sessions  on welfare & management, in ovo vaccination, diagnostics, antimicrobials, food safety
  • Round Table with 6 major players in the broiler meat industry

MERIAL will remain a major player in poultry vaccines and vaccination equipment and a long-time Partner for you and your customers, growing together through the MERIAL Gear Partnership.

Please enjoy the access to all the materials developed during the Forum.

For any question related to the event and its content, please contact your local Merial representative.